Founder & CEO

Peter Horvath

Ex account manager serving Meta and TikTok, empowered over 1,000 businesses to boost their advertising success. A dedicated entrepreneur pushing the boundaries of digital growth.

Peter Horvath

About Peter

Peter, an ex-account manager for Meta and TikTok, has played a pivotal role in empowering more than 1,000 businesses to achieve their advertising aspirations. With a genuine passion for digital innovation, he has worn the entrepreneur hat seven times over with his dropshipping ventures.

  • In the heart of London, he shared insights on the crucial role of copywriting for short video advertisements
  • A voice at the 23’ MKTIE event, discussing the role of AI in the marketing realm.

Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the digital world.
Through his journey from managing accounts to spearheading businesses, he's remained a grounded voice, emphasizing the importance of understanding and adaptation. His insights into the digital world aren't just about trends and numbers but about harnessing the real human connection.