Feb 22, 2024

Frameworks: the one-click creation

You might be wondering about the best ways to reach and communicate with your potential customers. Understanding frameworks is a crucial first step.

These are not just tools but guides that help you build effective ad copy, designed for different people's awareness of what they need or want. This article will help you understand why choosing the right framework for the right audience is key to creating messages that truly connect and inspire action.

Understanding audience awareness for direct ads

When diving into ad copy creation, it's essential to understand your audience's current mindset. Most of the time - roughly 60% to 70% - you'll be crafting messages for people in the 'Problem Aware' or 'Solution Aware' stages. Let's break this down:

Problem and Solution Aware audiences:These individuals recognize they have a problem or a desire. They're on the lookout for solutions but haven't come across your offering just yet. Though they're unfamiliar with your brand, they're sufficiently informed about their needs, making them prime candidates for direct advertising. These are the folks you can approach with a clear, "We have exactly what you need!" message.

In the marketing world, we often label these users as cold audiences. They haven't interacted with your brand, but their awareness makes them suitable for conversion-centric campaigns. This category includes interest-based and lookalike audiences, expanding your reach to those who resemble your current customers.

πŸš€ Quick tip for starters: If you're at a crossroads or nurturing a new business, zero in on 'Problem Aware' or 'Solution Aware' frameworks. They are your starting points for penetrating these cold audiences, offering a bridge between their needs and your solutions.

Why focus on Problem and Solution Aware Stages?Here's the deal: while 'Product Aware' and 'Most Aware' audiences exist, they're often too narrow for a broad ad campaign. These segments already recognize your product or have bought from you, limiting your scope. On the flip side, the 'Unaware' audience, though vast, isn't ready to buy. You'd spend more effort educating them with indirect ads before they even recognize they have a problem. It's a longer journey moving them to the 'Problem Aware' stage where conversion opportunities are ripe.

By targeting 'Problem Aware' and 'Solution Aware' groups, you're tapping into a sweet spot. These individuals are numerous enough for scalable campaigns and poised at the perfect spot in the buyer's journey for direct, conversion-ready messages.

Expanding your audience reach: all stages matter!

You might be thinking, "If 'Problem Aware' and 'Solution Aware' are so central, should I only focus on them?" Not at all! Every audience awareness stage has its unique value, and the key is to strategically target them at different phases of your business growth.

Starting off: cold audiences are your best friends 🌱When you're taking baby steps with your venture, your target is the cold crowd: the 'Problem Aware' and 'Solution Aware' groups. They're ready to listen, and with the right message, they're primed for conversion.

Growth phase: time to retarget πŸš€As your business gains momentum and starts to see more traffic and customers, it's retargeting time! This is when you communicate with 'Product Aware' and 'Most Aware' audiences. They're familiar with what you offer. They might've visited your website, clicked on a previous ad, or even made a purchase. Now, you craft messages that resonate with their deeper knowledge, guiding them further down the sales funnel or enticing them to come back.

Established business: broadening horizons 🌐Once you're standing firm with a robust customer base and stable revenue, it's time to expand. Here, you begin to court the 'Unaware' audience. These are potential customers who haven't recognized their problem yet. Your goal? Engage and educate. With tailored content, you shed light on their needs and gently guide them into your funnel, transforming them from oblivious onlookers to informed prospects.

In the grand tapestry of digital marketing, every thread counts. As your business evolves, so should your audience targeting strategy. It's all about knowing where you stand and choosing the right group to communicate with at the right time.

Friendly tips to remember πŸ’‘

  • While 'Product Aware' frameworks are great for engaged audiences, feel free to use 'Most Aware' ones too. Think of the rules as street signs, guiding but not controlling your journey.
  • Want to remind customers who've gone quiet about how awesome you are? Or reach out to those who stopped subscribing? 'Product Aware' frameworks can help refresh their memories and show how you stand tall beside competitors.

In conclusion, it's important to remember that reaching the right people with the right message makes all the difference. The various stages of awareness require different approaches, and that's where frameworks help you shine. By matching your message to the awareness stage of your audience, you're not just speaking; you're speaking their language. This approach doesn't just open doors; it invites you in.

As you continue to use Persuva, keep these insights close. They're more than just tips; they're the building blocks for the strong, meaningful connections you'll be forming with your audience.