Feb 22, 2024

Choosing between standalone tools & frameworks

As you embark on this journey, you might find yourself wondering: Should I use a standalone tool or a framework for my project? Don't worry, we've got your back!

Standalone tools

Imagine you've just painted a beautiful picture, but you think it could use a bit more sparkle in certain areas. That's where our standalone tools shine!

Just like how a little shimmer can make your artwork pop, our standalone tools are designed to enhance specific parts of your ad copy. For instance:

  • Want to add a catchy headline? That's your hook.
  • Need a button that stands out and urges people to act? Spice up that CTA.

Think of standalone tools as those special touches that can turn your good ad copy into an exceptional one, without the need to redo everything.


Now, there are times when you're looking at a blank canvas and need a bit more guidance on where to start. That’s when you need our frameworks.

Using frameworks is like having a blueprint for building a house. Instead of figuring out where the windows or doors should go, you have a clear plan to follow. Similarly, our frameworks offer a structured approach to crafting complete ad copy for various platforms like Meta ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Before diving in, it's essential to consider:👇

  1. What audience are you planning to target?
  2. Are you targeting cold or warm audience?

Answering these questions will ensure you choose the right framework for your needs.

In conclusion, at the end of the day, whether you're fine-tuning with standalone tools or crafting from scratch with frameworks, Persuva ensures you're never alone in the process. Dive in, explore, and watch your sales copy transform from good to great!