Oct 13, 2023

An example journey of audience awareness in marketing

Join us as we plunge beneath the surface to explore the intricate 'Awareness Levels' and how they shape the messages we craft for each stage—from blog posts to ads.

How awareness stages influence your message

Size of each stage

As a rule of thumb, the crowd often tends to be vast in the 'Unaware' stage, full of prospective customers who don't yet realize they need your product (or they have a problem in the first place). As we navigate towards the 'Most Aware' stage, we find fewer people, but they're the ones who are almost ready to make a purchase. To make this easier to grasp, imagine comparing the folks who just added a product to their online shopping cart ('Product Aware') to those who actually buy it ('Most Aware'). No doubt there's a sizeable difference, right?

Audience size of each stage

Example Journey

Let's paint a picture of Sarah, a potential customer residing in our digital world. She's blissfully unaware of not only the innovative eco-friendly water bottle your business has designed but also the very existence of the issue it aims to resolve. Right at this moment, Sarah lacks the understanding of why a product like yours might be beneficial to her and the environment she cherishes. However, her journey through the stages of awareness is about to kick off, and little does she know, it's about to reshape her perspective on sustainable living.

Stage 1: Unaware

Scrolling nonchalantly through her Instagram feed, Sarah spots an eye-catching advertisement about environmental conservation. An intrigue sparks inside her, igniting an awareness she hadn't yet known—she realizes she deeply wants to contribute to preserving the environment, but she's unsure of how to begin.

Stage 2: Problem Aware

Buoyed by her recent enlightenment, Sarah sets out on a journey of discovery into the realm of environmental preservation. She delves into extensive research, seeking potential solutions to her environmental dilemma, though she remains totally unaware of your product’s existence.

Stage 3: Solution Aware

Then, like a beacon in the darkness, a Facebook ad shines onto her screen, introducing her to your product—a possible answer to her environmental concerns. She finds herself navigating your landing page, immersed in examining product specifications, thus transitioning into "Product Aware." Despite the solution being within her grasp, some lingering uncertainties hold her back from taking the plunge.

Stage 4: Product Aware

To help clear her doubts, you launch retargeting campaigns to reach previous website visitors like Sarah. Highlighting the unique benefits of your product while addressing potential concerns in your ad, you aim to dissolve her reservations. Sarah, now reassured and fully persuaded, makes the decision to purchase your product, evolving into the "Most Aware" stage.

Stage 5: Most Aware

Although Sarah has made her purchase, her journey doesn't end there. You keep her engaged through thoughtful email campaigns, offering appealing incentives such as a 20% discount on her next purchase. Your goal is to ensure she remains not just a satisfied customer but also a loyal one, perpetually content with your product and the commitment in preserving the environment.