January 18, 2024

UTRRR - Case study with Persuva

UTRRR - Case study with Persuva

I'm Arron, the founder and CEO of UTRRR, previously known as Blakify. We're leading the charge in providing affordable and accessible voice-over technology to all.

From YouTubers to corporate trainers, our service opens up a world where engaging audio narratives are just a click away. UTRRR came to life with a vision: to break the barriers faced by creators and businesses in producing high-quality voice-overs.

Our platform boasts 700 AI-driven voices spanning 70 languages; providing a wealth of choices to enhance any narrative. Despite the innovative strides in our tech, communicating the simplicity and depth of UTRRR to a non-technical audience was our Achilles' heel. We grappled with creating content that could mirror the ease and diversity of our tech in written form.

Thanks to Persuva, this has changed. Their expertise in content creation proved to be the missing piece of our puzzle.

With Persuva, our experience was unlike any other. They didn't just apply standard copywriting techniques. Instead, they stepped up and delivered sales content that truly strikes a chord with our target audience. What makes them stand out is the freshness and relevancy of the content they generate. It's anything but generic and predictable!

They've taken a significant amount of time to train their AI, not just in the art of writing, but also in understanding consumer psychology. This in-depth learning shows in the quality of content they produce - it's so on point!

Whether you're looking to captivate a new audience or reconnect with your previous customers, Persuva can fine-tune your message perfectly.

The transformation Persuva brought to our brand was remarkable. To start with, we saw a whopping 40% increase in user sign-ups. It's no coincidence that this spike happened when our messaging started to resonate in our audience's language.

But that wasn't the only improvement we noticed. Our user engagement rate sky-rocketed and actually doubled! This was because our sales content, finally, truly reflected the simplicity and range of our platform. And there's more - we also noted a significant 25% uplift in user retention. All these positives combined have significantly boosted our brand's presence, reach and our bottom line.

But what impressed me most is how Persuva managed to integrate our unique selling points in the content they created. It's like they've known UTRRR as long as we have! The final output is a stunning portrayal of our brand - vibrant, engaging and authentic.

Persuva is not just a tool, they're a game-changer. They're not just writing content, they're creating narratives with depth and diversity that are reflective of our brand's voice. It's clear they're passionate about their craft, and the results are testament to their commitment.

Their knack for creating relevant and resonant content has been a pivotal turning point for our brand visibility and recognition. Trust me, if you're facing sales content obstacles, Persuva is your tool.

- Arron, Founder & CEO of UTRRR


Founder and CEO of UTRRR

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