November 6, 2023 - Case study with Persuva

It’s not about churning out quantity, but the quality that tells your story in a way that matters - Case study with Persuva

I'm Daniel, CEO of Tolt, a startup dedicated to simplifying affiliate marketing for other SaaS startups. Our mission is to cut through the tangle of setting up and managing affiliate programs so startups can thrive without being bogged down by the intricacies of affiliate partnerships. At Tolt, we offer a streamlined solution for SaaS businesses looking to harness the power of affiliate marketing.

We understand the struggles of startups—they need to focus on growth, not get lost in a sea of administrative tasks. That's where we come in. But even while solving one set of problems, we encountered another—creating engaging, compelling content that resonates with our audience. Our platform simplifies affiliate program management, but communicating our value proposition through sales content was a hurdle.

As a tech-driven company, our expertise lies in software development, not in the nuances of sales copy. Our struggle wasn't about creating content; it was about crafting messages that captivate and convert. We needed a way to inform potential users about our product's benefits in a language they understand and value.

And then we found Persuva.

With their AI-powered platform, we began to produce sales copy that speaks directly to the pain points and desires of our audience. Their system didn't just give us words; it gave us a voice. By understanding our audience and targeting our copy to address specific needs, we started to see a shift.

Tolt's success with Persuva

Since incorporating Persuva into our sales strategy at Tolt, we have witnessed positive results in both the reach and impact of our content.

There has been an impressive 50% increase in our organic traffic as our content has become more relevant and targeted, directly addressing the needs of our audience. As a result of creating content that is both more actionable and relatable, we also saw our engagement metrics surge by over 30%. In line with this, customer inquiries went up by 20%, suggesting that our value proposition is now more clearly understood by potential customers.

As a CEO, I’m not just looking at numbers; I’m looking for partnerships that understand and adapt to our evolving needs.

Persuva has been more than a service; they have been a strategic partner.

Their platform played a crucial role in navigating us through the complex process of sales content creation. It enabled us to communicate effectively, driving substantial and measurable results for our business. For any startup grappling with the challenge of creating content that strikes a chord, Persuva is the tool you need to implement right away.

It’s not about churning out quantity, but the quality that tells your story in a way that matters. As we continue to evolve, I am confident that Persuva's ongoing features will only amplify our capabilities. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any business looking to transform their content strategy from adequate to exceptional.

In an age where every word counts, Persuva has helped Tolt find its voice.

And in doing so, we've not only reached our audience, but we've engaged with them on a level that truly drives our mission forward.

- Daniel, CEO of Tolt

It’s not about churning out quantity, but the quality that tells your story in a way that matters


CEO of Tolt

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