A fresh start: Say hello to Persuva!

A fresh start: Say hello to Persuva!

A little trip down memory lane

Almost a year ago, on the 1st of December, we launched our MVP on AppSumo. That was a big moment for us. But, like with every journey, you start with one step and then plan the next. Our eyes were always set on a horizon much broader and deeper than where we started.

Reflecting on our Copywise journey 🌟

It's amazing how time flies! As we step into our new identity as Persuva, it's essential to take a moment and look back at our achievements as Copywise. It wasn't just a name; it was a chapter filled with milestones, growth, and tons of learning.

Copywise by the numbers

By the numbers 📊

  • +1,000 LTD Codes Sold: This number is a testament to the trust and belief our community has shown in us. A big shoutout to everyone who grabbed a lifetime deal and became a part of our family.
  • +10,000 Content Generated: Wow! That's a whole lot of content. From hooks to full-ads, our platform has empowered marketers and business owners to produce content effortlessly.
  • +700 New Users: Welcome aboard! It's heartwarming to see our community grow every day. To our new users, we promise to keep delivering value and excellence.

Gratitude & Looking Forward 🙏

It's not just about the numbers, though. Every LTD code sold, every piece of content generated, and every new user who joined us has a story behind it.

Stories of trust, stories of success, and stories of growth.

As we evolve into Persuva, these achievements serve as a foundation, a reminder of our commitment, and the trust you've placed in us. It fuels our passion to do more, innovate more, and serve you better.

Thank you for being with us in our Copywise chapter.

Dreaming Big

We didn't just want to be another tool in the shed. We dreamt of something bigger:

  • A Comprehensive Platform: Not just another app but a platform that folks like you can rely on.
  • A Recognizable Name: We wanted to be known as the go-to place for content marketing.
  • Bridging Gaps: We saw a gap between creativity and market performance. And we wanted to fill it, making it easy for everyone.

Introducing... Persuva!

And that brings me to our big news. We've taken the leap. Copywise is now Persuva.

Why "Persuva"? It's inspired by the word "persuasion". This new name isn't just a label.

It stands for our growth, our evolution, and our promise to you. We're not just about copywriting anymore. We're about empowering you to persuade, to influence, and to shine in your content marketing efforts.

What's Next?

Well, with a new name comes new responsibilities:

  • We're working on expanding our tools and features, all to help you create content that's both creative and effective.
  • We're focusing on making Persuva user-friendly, so even if you're new to content marketing, you'll feel right at home.
  • And of course, we're here, listening to your feedback, always ready to improve and grow alongside you.

It's an exciting journey, and I'm super grateful that you're here with us.

Together, as Persuva, we'll keep pushing boundaries and achieving great things.

Thanks for being a part of our story.

Stay tuned for more updates, and here's to a future filled with persuasive content! 🎉

Until next time.

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